Saturday, April 6, 2013

North Korea's Nuclear Arsenal

The leader of North Korea, Kim John Un says he will expand his nuclear weapons arsenal sharply, raising the stakes in the standoff with the United States and its allies. He ordered his underlings to prepare for a missile attack on the United States. However, the threats and orders do not have the range to approach American shores. So the prospects are unlikely. And a ground attack would be out of the question. The long line of similar threats might have some credibility as a projected attack on South Korea, now defended by a large army and thousands of American troops. The Chinese military is all-powerful in this area and they have not joined North Korea's campaign of bluster, threats and fakery. Yet, the US media is acting as though the military threat is real and not an amateurish attempt at nuclear blackmail. A realistic assessment of the situation is an attempt to weaken US support for South Korea, to cause trouble between the US and China, to obtain cash or other concessions from Uncle Sam. Experts believe that the differences are negotiable with caution on both sides, but certainly without another war in Korea. Remember, that war was decided by the military intervention of China, which is now unhappy with North Korea's attempt to involve them


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