Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Obama Will Win in a Landslide

President Barack Obama leads Republican challenger Mitt Romney by significant margins in virtually every political category. Worse for Romney, his campaign lacks the plan and focus to reverse his difficulties. In contrast, Obama’s campaign has made few mistakes while riding the benefits of incumbency. In a lead editorial, the New York Times, September 25, “Why Romney is slipping: By refusing to supply voters with intelligent answers, his campaign is driving them away. “ The prestigious London Economist, reports On September 22, that Romney told a group of rich donors that if his father had really been born Mexican rather than born in Mexico to Mormon exiles in Mexico, he would've had the election sewn up. Romney was quite wrong when he claimed that those not paying US income taxes are receiving “entitlements”, writing off half the electorate as parasitic loaders. Romney joined the radical Muslims in criticizing Obama for the controversial video that sparked riots, death, casualties against US personnel throughout the Middle East, failing to support the US against false accusations. Obama's poll numbers are leading Romney by significant margins nationally as well as in the key big states that elect the most delegates. Only North Carolina keeps Romney competitive. Although the Supreme Court approved legislation allowing virtually unlimited political donations, most of which went to Republicans, this advantage is not helping them as expected. Word-of-mouth and the media and political organization remain decisive factors. His cash is low, Romney is striving to find new large donors. In the New York Times, September 23, 2012, Maureen Dowd: “As a candidate, Mitt Romney is awkward, off- putting and hollow, so bad that if he were at Bain and Company, he would shut himself down.” Among the many fallacies in Mitt Romney's now infamous “47%” speech is that people who pay no income tax will vote for the president no matter what. More than 1/5 of non-filers are elderly, a constituency likely to favor Romney. Most importantly, the housing market continues to gather strength and the stock market is going up as the Federal Reserve pumps $50 billion a month into the economy.


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