Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Immigration Bill is likely to fail in Congress

The Immigration Bill is likely to fail in Congress

By Jerome Grossman.

Don't be surprised if the immigration bill is not adopted by Congress. Doing nothing about this issue is an option, favored by some sectors of the business community as well as individuals who hire illegals. Here are some of the less obvious reasons beyond the usual that illegals perform the dirtier jobs.

1. Illegal aliens are much more willing to work for less than the minimum wage.

2. Ilegal aliens often accept cash wages that save employers from paying taxes and filing paperwork. The employer's share of the payroll tax is considerable.

3. Illegal aliens are not very likely to complain to the Labor Department about working conditions for fear of deportation.

4. Illegal aliens are less likely to join a union for the same reason.

Immigration policy is tearing apart the Republican and Democratic parties. Both have given up the idea of rounding up the millions of illegals and sending them home. Prosecution of employers who hire illegals is done only sporadically. The issues of security, control of borders, and protection of the wages of American citizens are not likely to be solved at this time.

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