Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Everybody Won in New Hampshire

Everybody Won in New Hampshire
By Jerome Grossman

In the eye of the entire nation, the citizens of the state enjoyed a singular performance equivalent to a Broadway show, tapped their feet, sang the songs, felt the uplift, rocked to the cadences, adored the star, cheered and cheered, gave repeated standing ovations, were inspired and mesmerized - then went home to mother.

New Hampshire can never repay Barack Obama for transforming another boring election into a party, open to all, that moved them from a drab New England Winter into the neverland of an idealistic future without details, someday, somewhere.

Voting for Hillary was like leaving the darkened theater with its illusions of the past and the future, then stumbling and blinking into the real world, walking through the slush, finding your car, starting the windshield wipers, thinking about going to work tomorrow, lining up in your mind the problems and the duties of the real world, the here and now.

They saw the future. Their hearts beat to the rhythm of what might be in the best of all possible worlds, and deferred the prospect of political heaven to enjoy another day of precious life in this vale of tears and promise. It was an uplifting experience that kept quotidian life in control of the most experienced, the likely model for the other states – and everybody will win.


an average patriot said...

You know, I have to laugh! They say the women came over to her this time. With Bill's rant and her crocodile tears I think she got the sympathy vote. Though this is also New Hampshire not Iowa.
It is no surprise! Obama will do just fine. The surprise to me is the so called experts wondering why they are consistently wrong today. We discussed this yesterday too. I wish they'd all wake up. They are no longer the experts.

Anok said...

Jim sent me over here (Hi Jim, I see you!)

I keep wondering to myself, with regards to all of the "experts" and their forecasts for the primaries - why don't we hold primaries the same way we hold all other federal elections? At the same time...wouldn't that make sense?

Then, after the candidates know who's in and who's not, they have almost an entire year to campaign for the presidency, and not against each other.

Moreover - why does what happens in Iowa and New Hampshire have squat to do with who will win in other states? It shouldn't whatsoever.

Meh, it's all a sham. As for Obama, I like his wife. I think she'd make a great president ;)

Great Blog, I look forward to reading more.


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