Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Democratic Party Unity

Democratic Party Unity
By Jerome Grossman

In an interview with ABC Good Morning America on February 4, Michelle Obama, the wife of Barack Obama, was asked if she would work to support Hillary Rodham Clinton if she won the Democratic nomination for president. She replied," I have to think about that."

Wow! Get ready to attend the inauguration of President John McCain.

Without party unity after the primary voters have marked their ballots, after the delegates have made their choice at the convention, the Democrats will not have a chance in the November general election. Both Clinton and Obama have made mistakes and antagonized their opposition in a variety of ways. They will do so again repeatedly in the heat of political battle. But in my book, they are both superior politicians with strong intellects and sensitive consciences capable of handling the management of the nation.

I have not endorsed either candidate because the policies they offer the American people are not liberal enough for me, do not seriously address the need for change on foreign and military policy, taxation, labor rights and social welfare, to name only a few. However, either candidate will be a vast improvement over the disastrous and elite policies of the Republican Party in general and George W. Bush and John McCain in particular.

I will vote for the nominee of the Democratic Party, Clinton or Obama, disappointed that neither are New Dealers, but determined to push them in that direction. As a relentless liberal in a centrist period of U.S. history, that is the best I can do.

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jmsjoin said...

I am more than a little concerned that you are right and talk about it often. If it can get worse you can bet Giuliani will be his VP. It would guarantee a continuation of George Bush's nightmare future.
Having said that, I have to hope that cooler heads prevail in the Democratic Party and make Hillary and Obama realize they must come together for the benefit of us all.
I had great hope that would be the case after they had their love fest debate a week ago!


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