Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Best and the Brightest (Part 2)

The Best and the Brightest (Part 2)

By Jerome Grossman

Yesterday I blamed financial leaders and gurus for the financial turmoil destabilizing our country and the world without mentioning their names.

Today's New York Times, October 9, has the errors and the perpetrators in full gory detail led by Robert Rubin, Lawrence Summers, and especially Alan Greenspan. The heroes, ignored and unacknowledged, who tried and failed to establish an adequate regulatory process were Edward Markey and Brooksley Born.

Read the story and weep, then make sure that the people who made the mistakes do not get another opportunity to repeat.

/ | October 9, 2008
The Reckoning: Taking Hard New Look at a Greenspan Legacy
Derivatives have long had a great supporter in the former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan

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an average patriot said...

You are getting it my friend. Just a reminder I have written on it many times in the past but and I am pretty sure I have sent this link before.
This is no coincidence and no coincidence that this manufactured perfect storm is coming to a had perfectly and at this time. This is not going to be good and if they can't steal it for McCain Bush has to January 20th to do his greatest damage to the Democracy that was our America!
I have been pretty busy preparing to move but I wanted to respond to you with this that was written almost 2 years ago!Michael Whitney the Second Great Depression


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