Friday, August 19, 2011

Living Outside the American Dream

The Tea Party doesn't have a national headquarters or unofficial governing body. Nor is there a reliable count of its members, because there is no formal way for adherents to sign up. It is a collection of unrelated local groups: six people gathered in the living room to talk and complain over whiskey and soda.

Indiana has 72 such affiliates, many named after Johnny Appleseed. Name variations often include the phrase “small government”. The local groups buy Tea Party golf balls, Tea Party cigars and children's coloring books.

Loosely bound for serious political combat, this unimpressive group has 60 members in the US House of Representatives where they exercise their leverage in the Republican Party to change the focus of the nation from the crisis of widespread unemployment to cutting taxes and balancing the federal budget

Only a few months ago, the consensus in Washington, in the media, in the Democratic Party and in the White House located the American crisis and in the vast and growing need to create jobs for the millions of Americans living outside the American dream. This humanitarian goal has been replaced by the bankers’ issues: balancing the federal yearly budget and reducing the long-term federal deficit. A serious jobs program would put funds in the hands of the poorest. The current national dialogue does not include a serious jobs program to increase production and put funds in the hands of the unemployed. An effective program for deficit reduction would cut the military budget, increase taxes on the wealthiest and limit US military adventures around the world

The Tea Party agenda fits the ideology of the Reagan Republican Party supporting military intervention abroad and opposing social intervention for the unemployed at home. The masses of American workers are disappointed in the motivation of the Democrats that moves them to switch priorities from Social Security to deficit reductions, from a massive jobs program similar to the Roosevelt New Deal to a banker support program

What happened to Obama? In this moral and economic crisis, the media cry out in virtual unison, expecting the president to rescue his constituency as headlines scream, “As corporate profits rise, workers income declines.” As unemployment staggers the nation and social programs are cut, there is no FDR in this administration, so stop looking for one.


jmsjoin said...

Welcome back Jerome! Same thing happened to Obama that had happened to Democrats since Rove got in control of the agenda. They do not matter if they haven't figured it out yet.

Lying is the new truth. When Bachmann was taken to task on her often flat out lies she said the people do not care as long as they like me and think I am one of them.

People seem to forget FDR succeeded maybe because of WW2 but only because R's wanted him too.

Now they will be satisfied with nothing less than total collapse and blame it on Obama so they can gain control again and finish us off and get back to Reaganism and an elitist society.

They believe President or not they are in control. After the last election they said they get what they want period!

Any compromising will come from the Democrats. We are no longer Governed by the best and the brightest but the lowest of the low I am sorry to say.

There is no longer any room at the top for those who want to do right for our version of America only Reagan and Bush's elitist version.

Anonymous said...

I'm not being facetious, average patriot, when I ask, "So what do we do now?" What you say eliminates even the one candidate who could have pulled America out of the economic mess she is in, and who could have restored her to her former world-wide respect. Do we forget about voting and miss the chance that Ron Paul can turn things around. Or do we vote and hopelessly wait for a "No dice, dummy. We, the owners of America have no use for the likes of him, nor do we have any use for voters who won't conform."

jmsjoin said...

Anon a proper response would take a long pamphlet and can not be done here. I appreciate the comment coming on this venue whose Author abd readers I respect. What is happening to our Political system and country is long in the works and beyond politics as we know it.

Watching this nightmare we call the Republican party which as most should know by now and has been hijacked "not by the tea baggers" is frightening at the least.

Rove has built a career on lying for the Republican party

His 3D politics (deceitful, deceptive,divisive, politics( is today the norm and will not stop but get worse.

Republicans used it to get a mindless fool elected that they could lead by the nose and push their hidden agenda. Along came an idiot alcoholic that was perfect. When Cheney was asked to pick a VP he picked himself "game over what a surprise"

The Middle East today is Cheney's mess. Did you ever read a clean Break: Cheney Behind New Mideast War Drive: Return of 'Clean Break' There are no surprises as to what is happening in the middle east either!

Anyway Cantor, Boehner, and McConnell, laid it out when after the last election they said they have a mandate and in control or not they are the bosses and it goes their way period.

They will not be swayed period as you can see. Al Gore had it right when I heard him say a few weeks ago that it would take a Revolution primarily of average Americans and I just see them laying down.

I see a movement by responsible large businesses to stop donations unless Politicians stopped the games and start doing the people's work. " forget it, worthless" As you know, Roberts and the Supreme Cort now allow unending donations by hidden donors. That is the nail in Democracies coffin.

Like I said, this could be very long so I will stop here and hope this will go. In closing: We can do something, stand up and be counted and not at the stolen ballot box. Those in The Arab spring are leading the way but will we have the balls to follow, that is the question?


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