Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Why Romney - Ryan Will Fail

In picking Paul Ryan to be his vice presidential nominee, Romney has surrendered the possibilities of expansion of his party into new areas that might deepen its appeal to the non-conservative voters of America. They have their own special interests that must be addressed to expand the Republican vote. However, Ryan does not have a national constituency. To help the Republican ticket, Ryan must develop additional contacts and loyalties but he is limited by his inexperience as a political figure in a small state, without a national reputation, lacking business and financial experience in a time of crisis. Ryan is also without foreign-policy experience, a necessity for the world's prime superpower. Ryan's political biography is also limited. He is never been elected to any office larger than a seat in Congress and even then with less than 70,000 votes. It is noteworthy that it has been difficult to make the jump from Congress to Vice President. The last such winner was John Nance Garner in 1932 and it wasn't because politicians did not try for the office. Selecting a relatively unknown from a minor state must be regarded as an enormous gamble by Romney. There were other candidates available with a longer list of accomplishments, with specific skills and deeper contacts, who would have had more impact on the electoral process than the selection from Wisconsin. While other conservative candidates could have brought more serious credentials, and perhaps a lot more votes, the conservative movement was able to nominate their most conservative candidate hoping for a national conservative sweep to change the fundamental direction of our political system. Ryan is a hardliner whose brand is associated first and foremost with his conservatism. This is a dubious choice for Mr. Romney since Ryan's views, especially on Medicare are not likely to the poll well with the average voter. It is too early to say how the pick of Ryan will play out, but the early reviews on Ryan are only lukewarm. Mr. Ryan is underperforming after the initial surge of enthusiasm for the new candidate. The Obama campaign is not frightened by Ryan or his political skills. To them-the opposition looks weak regardless of how much money they raise. Get ready of the next presidential election. This one is over. The Republicans talk about problems not about serious solutions.

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jmsjoin said...

I happen to agree Jerome, they lost it long before Ryan. Not just in picking Romney but in everything they stand for they guaranteed an Obama reelection a long time ago.

They lost women,minorities, and the millions needing Healthcare help long ago despite their lies.


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