Thursday, July 24, 2008

Axis of Evil

Axis of Evil
By Jerome Grossman
President Bush has decided to abandon his long-standing position that his administration would not meet face-to-face with Iran until Tehran suspended its uranium enrichment program. A senior American official recently participated in talks with Iranian officials, the first such meeting since the seizure of the US Embassy by Iranian militants in Tehran in 1979.

This policy shift followed President Bush's announcement in late June that the United States would remove North Korea from the State Department list of state sponsors of terrorism. This was in response to progress in the effort with Asian nations to persuade North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice then met with the North Korean Foreign Minister.

In late July, Prime Minister Nuri al-Malakai insisted that the United States agree to a timetable for withdrawal of American forces from Iraq. President Bush and General Petraeus agree with him in principle although not on a precise date.

These dramatic changes in administration policies have astonished the world and infuriated hard-liners -- many of whom once worked for Bush. The harsh rhetoric, the name calling, the military threats made against these nations have diminished. The "Axis of Evil" used by Bush in his 2002 State of the Union address is no longer part of his vocabulary.

The invasion of Iraq is now almost universally regarded as a mistake. The diplomatic maneuvers with North Korea and Iran are clearly the better road to solutions of long-standing differences, solutions with low cost in lives and treasure.

As Winston Churchill remarked at a White House luncheon in 1954 at the height of the Cold War, "It is better to jaw - jaw than to war - war."

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an average patriot said...

He didn't change anything! Someone was sent to listen but there was no conversation between them and nothing will change.
It is just another facade of cooperation and concern, Have you noticed that as the world and the country increasingly fall behind Obama Bush is changing to what he is exhorting but only to continue this charade of Diplomacy until war can be started.

That is the only goal and it will not be avoided. Yesterday I posted on the secret meeting Congress held in March to discuss declaring martial Law if things get worse as they are every day and they will get much worse.
This entire manufaxctured perfect storm of financial collapse and war is soon to come to a head and no one will stop it. I will not stop but no one will stop this and I am very annoyed that no one of consequence sees the brevity of our situation or what is really happening here.

The other day I posted about the fact that Bush had the Taliban in Crawford and was meeting with them in Washington as he wanted their permission in creating a pipeline through Afghanistan. When the deal was nixed 10 days later 9/11 "suddenly" happened and Afghanistan was attacked.
This is all about oil (Cheney, Bush, Rice, and others) running the white House and the country. Iran announced today that they now have 6,000 centrifuges. Whether they do or not Iran will be attacked by Israel or us but this forever war will progress. i am very peeved to see our own Government purposely bringing this about and those with the connections to make a diference are not.

We are in serious trouble and that is a simple fact! I will shut up!


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